New Sewing Machine

2016-01-04 09.44.36 My new sewing machine, a Berninia 560

is a Christmas present to myself and a long needed replacement for my beloved Viking Designer 1 that just wore out after almost 10 years and we have been getting acquainted with some basic Home projects before I start a 2-part Berninia  Machine Basics class tomorrow.

2016-01-04 09.22.45

Simple Kitchen Apron & Pot Holder with Bias Trim

I made this pattern previously for Christmas Gifts, it takes 1 yard of main fabric and 1/2 yard for the bias trim.

2016-01-04 09.30.312016-01-04 09.24.532016-01-04 09.27.03

Toasty Warm Flannel PJ’s

This colorful 100% cotton flannel was on markdown 70% off and pajamas made up easily from 5 yards of fabric. I always save a scrap of fabric with

a successful pattern along with notes on date made and construction notes on possible changes to make next time.



7 thoughts on “New Sewing Machine

  1. This is pretty exciting. Maybe you can have a part where folks can ask questions regarding ideas like matching a fabric to a project. Looking forward to following you.


    1. Thanks Micky, yes pairing the right fabric with project is the secret sauce. There are many good suggestions on the back of pattern envelope. Ask away and I will try to help.


    1. Yes, Barry, there are patterns and personally I would start with PJ’S, a dancing frock and a biking outfit.
      Maybe a Barbie size quilt for her
      Barbie condo.


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