Pajama Mania

2016-01-20 10.48.04Cozy, Custom Made Flannel Pajamas are so comfortable I feel like wearing them all day even though I am a body conscious, tailored, skinny jeans, biking kind of girl. This is the second pair I made this month and was not surprised to find an article recently in the WSJ titled Fashion’s Latest Command: Wear Pajamas in the Daytime. Perfectly fitted, tailored pajamas would be very elegant in silk crepe for evening wear or beautiful Liberty or Japanese cottons for Summer. Color blocked & monogrammed linen would really make the cat’s pajama’s for me to lounge about home sewing, reading or binge watching on Roku.

2016-01-20 14.09.43

Next pair I plan on experimenting with fabric, piping & pocket placement and will keep you posted on the process.

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2 thoughts on “Pajama Mania

  1. Please hold off on wearing your pajamas outdoors. When I see that it makes me unsettled. Don’t want you to “look like you just rolled out of bed”.


    1. Ha Ha! Don’t worry, no immediate plans to venture any further than the garbage can or mailbox for now in my PJ’s. How did you see this soo fast????


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