Fabric Shopping & Color Crocking

Fabric shopping with my bicycle Moet.

Fabric shopping with my bicycle Moet.

Last week while out shopping a pattern sale at local Joanne’s I found some fabrics on sale including a black stretch taffeta that had a nice weight and drape plus a 100% linen to add a bit of embroidery to a simple dress.

Patterns on Sale

Simplicity Patterns were on sale for $1 each and I could not resist today!

The black stretch taffeta looked promising but as soon as I started to sew my new sewing machine was stained with color crocking which was  unsetting but Google suggested the Mr. Clean Eraser which did the job of removing the stain without damage to the plastic surface. Joanne’s gave a complete $$$ value refund on the fabric as damaged goods.




2 thoughts on “Fabric Shopping & Color Crocking

    1. Fabric crocking is the dye rubbing off when it is not properly set and of poor quality. I bought fabric for dancing dress, can you imagine what a mess that would have made?


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